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Oscar and Edith Quintal opened the original Oscar’s Smokehouse in 1942
Oscar and Edith Quintal opened the original Oscar’s Smoke House in 1942

High in the Adirondack Mountains, located at the bottom of Hackensack Mountain in Warrensburg, NY, is where you will find Oscar’s Adirondack Mountain Smoke House. Founded by Oscar and Edith Quintal, this family owned business has been run by the Quintals for over 76 years. The unique quality and flavor of Oscar’s smoked meats have been tasted and enjoyed all over the world. Our original wood-fired brick smoke house was built in 1946, and as the demand for Oscar’s products grew more smokers were added. Today, three smoke houses are hard at work creating the savory flavor found in all of our meats. In 1940 Oscar Quintal and his wife Edith, moved to Warrensburg. In 1943 the Quintals opened the original Oscar’s Smoke House in the Music Hall, but the business fell victim to the devastating Music hall fire of 1945. Bruised but not beaten, the Quintals rebuilt and reopened in 1946 at the present location.

The brick smokehouse was built in 1946, by hand, by founder Oscar Quintal. Brick SmokerThey were used everyday until the devastating fire of Sept. 4, 2009. Now more efficient stainless steel smokers are used to create the same products you’ve grown to love.

The business operated without interruption until yet another devastating fire completely destroyed the building over Labor Day weekend in 2009. With the support of many loyal customers and friends, Oscar’s literally rose from the ashes and reopened in February 2010. The new 9,000 sq. ft. building included many “green upgrades” including geo-thermal heating and cooling, low energy lighting systems and special foam insulated exterior walls. As with any business, you must adapt to the changing times and trends of the business world, which Oscar’s has done very well. In addition to a robust web site where customers can order online 24/7, Oscar’s now offers lower salt products such as hams, bacons and cheeses, and lower fat products such as our wide variety of chicken sausages. This along with the “Oscar’s Attitude” is what has allowed the business to grow to the greatness that it is today.

Oscar’s has become a household name not only locally, but on a national scale. Through our mail order customers and national wholesale accounts, we have built a following that is based mostly on word-of-mouth advertising. By using the same formulas that Oscar himself used, to adapting to the times with modern formulas, Oscar’s can give you that home cooked taste that you have grown to love.

With 159 products produced on the premises, Oscar’s surely has something for everyone, from the simple to the exotic, from the old world to modern times, and from the young at heart to the old.

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Oscar’s would like to thank all of our customers for the many years of loyalty.
We know that without you, we would be just another meat market!

Thanks, Jerry & Joq Quintal